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Life @ Home eNewsletter: February 2021 for Sellers


» 4 home renovations that add value
» Housekeeping checklist: 9 maintenance tasks to do every month
» Spring is coming: 3 tips to get your garden ready

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Minor bathroom reno
4 home renovations that add value

When selling your home, renovations are front of mind. There is a lot of well-intentioned advice out there, but what does the data show? Which renovations give you the best returns? According to experts, these four renovations are safe bets for making most of your money back (or earning a small profit) when you decide to sell.

  • Loose-fill attic insulation — This inexpensive improvement is in high-demand with buyers. They don’t want to do it themselves after they move in, and they see additional convenience value in having it taken care of. According to Family Handyman, most sellers recoup over 100% of the cost.
  • Minor bathroom remodel — A minor remodel focuses on aesthetic upgrades. In the bathroom this means replacing the tub, toilet, sink, vanity, fixtures and tile. The average cost is a little over $10k, and HGTV reports sellers often earn back more than they spent.
  • Landscaping — Fixing a tired or dull exterior earns you back the money you put into it, up to a few thousand dollars. Remove overgrowth, lay down fresh sod and plant bright flowers at the front to maximize curb appeal (and sale price).
  • Finishing the basement — A home with a finished basement is worth thousands of dollars more than a home without. While the return on investment is often a little lower for this renovation — sellers recoup 70% on average, according to Home Advisor — it holds value extremely well. It’s a particularly good investment for folks not looking to sell immediately.
Tackle your microwave
Housekeeping checklist: 9 maintenance tasks to do every month

There’s a lot to keep of track of in a home. There are daily tasks like doing dishes or making the bed. Weekly tasks, like laundry and mowing the lawn. Then there are monthly tasks. We tend to let these chores slide, often because they’re out of sight. Use this checklist to make sure you never forget an important house chore again.

  • Dust obscure items including ceiling fans, air vents, lights and curtains.
  • Wash windows and walls. These surfaces accumulate a lot of oil, dirt and spillover.
  • Change filters. This means air conditioners, furnaces and even vacuum cleaners.
  • Deep-clean appliances. This can include scraping burnt remnants off the oven, scrubbing the microwave and emptying the fridge to wipe off the shelves.
  • Wash your trashcans. It’s a dirty job, but necessary.
  • Organize your storage. This doesn’t have to be a Kondo-style purge; just tidy up your closets, shelves and storage areas.
  • Vacuum underneath what you don’t normally move like beds, couches and desks.
  • Vacuum inside furniture such as couch cushions and storage ottomans.
  • Walk around your house. Check the roof, foundation and siding. Keep track of changes over time to help catch little problems before they become big headaches.
Start seeding!
Spring is coming: 3 tips to get your garden ready
It’s (almost) never too early to start gardening. During late winter and early spring, you can:

  • Clear winter detritus and leftover fall debris.
  • Plan your garden by deciding layout and ordering seeds.
  • Pot spring bulbs to start blooms indoors.

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