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Life @ Home eNewsletter: July 2021 for Sellers


» The market’s hot, but my house isn’t selling…
» 3 home fixes best left to the pros
» 4 ways to cool your home (naturally)

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The market’s hot, but my house isn’t selling…

Everywhere you go, people are talking about the seller’s market, sharing tales of houses being snapped up overnight at thousands over budget. It can be disheartening if, amid all the buzz, your house is still struggling to find the right buyer.

But don’t despair! We’ve got four expert tips for staying calm and speeding up a sale.

Remain realistic
While getting an over-budget offer within hours of going live is always desirable, it’s important to keep expectations realistic. Hope for the best but stay calm if your house stays on the market for a few weeks. That’s still normal, and with a good real estate agent the odds are still very much in your favor.

Stage to sell
If you started with empty rooms to save some money but now it’s taking longer than you’d like to sell, seriously consider staging your house. Making it look beautiful, both in-person and online, is still the single best strategy for attracting good offers.

Clean up the title
If the house has an unexpected lien, a problem with the deed or an outstanding subcontractor’s bill, be proactive about fixing the issue. While title problems may not deter buyers from making an initial offer, they can delay the selling process by months if buyers choose to walk away.

Updates and upgrades
While putting your house on the market as-is might work out in a seller’s market, it’s not a guarantee. Even when buyers are highly motivated, they still get turned off by old appliances, bad smells and shabby finishes. To speed up the sale, ditch anything that makes the home feel outdated.  

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3 home fixes best left to the pros

If you’re looking for a sense of pride and accomplishment, completing a home DIY project can’t be beat. Patching, replacing and upgrading are also less expensive when you do it yourself. However, there are a few projects you shouldn’t take on unless you’re a professional.

  • Electrical repairs. This may seem obvious, but people electrocute themselves every day attempting to fix their own wiring or install their own fixtures. On top of the electrocution risks, DIY wiring can cause fires, ruin electronics and make the house much harder to sell down the road.
  • Structural changes. It’s hard to know which walls are safe to demolish and which are vital to the integrity of the home. If you mistakenly remove a load-bearing wall, at best the floor above will start to sag. At worst, the home might collapse.
  • Gas appliances. Because gas appliance repairs often seem straightforward, many homeowners try to handle them on their own. But even if you shut off the gas and take your time with the fix, a tiny mistake can lead to a life-threatening gas leak. To stay on the safe side, always call in a professional for gas oven, gas heater or other gas appliance repair.
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4 ways to cool your home (naturally)

Here are four cost effective & eco-friendly ways to stay cool:

  • Use light-colored exterior materials.
  • Plant trees on the east and west sides.
  • Install radiant barrier on the inside of the roof.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescents or LEDs.

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