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Life @ Home Newsletter – September C21 Buyer Edition


» How to assess a roof before you buy
» 6 stunning interior styles (that work for any home)
» Top towns for college football

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Roof is looking pretty rough

How to assess a roof before you buy

A bad roof can mean leaks, which can lead to problems including sagging drywall, staining and electrical fire hazards. For a home to be safe, the roof must be in sound condition.

Assessing a roof can give some buyers anxiety. After all, it’s not easy to see the roof when touring homes, and you don’t want to be blindsided down the road. Knowing what to look for from the ground can ease those worries.

Next time you’re looking up at a roof, watch for these four problems.

  • Bad shingles – Shingles that are curling at the edges, cracked or outright missing are shingles that aren’t doing their job. They only keep moisture out when lying flat and overlapping one another. Significant shingle problems mean repair or replacement is needed.
  • Valley damage – Where two planes of the roof meet in a downward V is called a valley. Again, look for damaged or missing shingles at these joints. Also look for pooling water or lingering wet spots, a sign that the valley is not able to shed water properly.
  • Hail damage and fallen branches – If you see branches stuck on the roof, that may be a sign it gets excessively battered during storms. The same thing goes for any visible hail damage on the home’s siding. If it hit the sides hard enough to leave a mark, it hit the roof even harder.
  • Old age – This last one doesn’t even require you to see the roof, just the installation documentation. A professionally done roof can last up to two decades. Anything older than that, and you may be looking at a total replacement in the near future.
Welcome, this is our farmhouse

6 stunning interior styles (that work for any home)

Interior design is about making a space to suit your needs. Understanding established styles can help you determine exactly what styles you may like in your home.

Here are 5 of the most popular interior design styles – perfect for any home.

  • Minimalism This style is about clean, airy spaces and neutral colors. To make things cozier, use some soft textures and natural accents.
  • Maximalism Similar to eclectic design, maximalism is about mix-and-match. Memorabilia appears among different colors, patterns and textures. Keep things focused and uncluttered with symmetrical layouts and a neutral color base.
  • Mid-Century Modern Original to the 1940s, mid-century modern is back in style. Clean lines, curved forms, honey-stained maple and pops of rich color define this vintage-meets-modern aesthetic.
  • Industrial Exposed pipes and brickwork get at the architectural heart of industrial interior design. Dark metal finishes and Edison light bulbs tend to feature prominently.
  • Farmhouse Do you like the work of celebrity designer Joanna Gaines? That’s farmhouse. Sunny, rustic spaces with worn-antique finishes and a dose of country charm. Bonus points for exposed roof beams!

Top towns for college football

Fall means college football, so here are 5 towns perfect for fans:

1. South Bend, IN – Notre Dame
2. Clemson, SC – Clemson University
3. Oxford, MS – Ole Miss
4. Ann Arbor, MI – University of Michigan
5. Madison, WI – University of Wisconsin

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